Shell Types and Startup Files

Quite often when we want to install some tools or set up an environment, the tutorials will tell us “hey you should add this line to your .bashrc file”, or sometimes “your .bash_profile file”, etc. However, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Why? The answer lies in the shell types: there are actually different shell types that affect the way the shell deals with the startup files.

The Difference between Console, Terminal, Shell, and Command Line

When I first started out with Linux, I was confused by some of the terminology for quite a while. Specifically, refereces to the console, the terminal, the shell, and the command line are all over the place. They all seem to mean the same thing, but not exactly.

A Welcoming Introduction to Linux Environment Variables

“Environment Variables” might sound intimidating to people who first come to use Linux, but they are actually a quite simple tool that can unlock more power & flexibility for us when we try to execute programs in Linux. Here I want to summarize my understandings towards this and hopefully can help people who are stumbling through the process of learning Linux, like I did.

A Walk-Through of Mathematical Representations of Rigid Body Transformation

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